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What is social policy work?

All of us are affected by policies (rules) and practices (ways of working) which shape the services and benefits that we all rely on.

Many policies and practices are evident in legislation, regulations, codes of practice, other administrative guidelines and the policies of service providers. However, they are not always written down or otherwise made explicit. This is often the case in the delivery or administration of services.

Some policies affecting CAB clients are national, such as social security, employment and immigration. Some are national but administered according to local policies and practices such as housing benefit, community care, housing, health and education. Others are local, such a local authority collection of council tax arrears or school uniform grants.

One of the aims of the CAB service is "to improve the policies and practices that affect people's lives" and this is what is known as "social policy work".

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You can help us with Social Policy by letting us know your experience of various topics. We will keep changing the topic so keep checking back and have your say!

We may publish some responses anonymously so in submitting your views you agree to us doing this.

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